Safesave Bank- Offers loans up to $ 600,000 for 15 years!

Safesave Bank is a well-known lender that has been on the market for several years. In this way, they have also become one of the most popular players in the industry and are the one who also approves the most applications from all credit companies. A very safe and stable company with many years of experience in banking and finance.


  • Safe and stable lenders
  • Offers credit cards


  • Does not accept payment remarks
  • High age limit
  • Poorly informative website


Safesave Bank has relatively high terms when it comes to applying for private loans / bank loans. Among other things, you must be at least 23 years old, which is a high age when compared to other lenders’ rules and conditions. You must also not have any payment notes and you must have been registered in Sweden for at least 3 years.

The latter condition is also a relatively strong one, when compared to how many other lenders require. At the same time, these requirements are perfectly sound and normal, and given Safesave Bank’s stability and security, it seems natural to be able to increase the collateral for both lenders and borrowers.

Features and quality

The quality of Safesave Bank’s service is impeccable and has during its years on the market both developed and gained in popularity. For many, Safesave Bank has become an obvious choice for both private loans and banking services, but also as a credit card. Most people know about the airline Norwegian, which is also the parent company of this bank, which creates even higher confidence in the entire company.

Safesave Bank offers good customer service around the clock, but has also received criticism for its long queues, which can sometimes occur. Referring to Safesave Bank’s website could thus have been a solution to this problem, but there is missing some important information that should have been more accessible and user-friendly.

The number of approved applications from Safesave Bank is relatively high, at least slightly more than most other lenders and lenders, which is difficult to say – because the requirements on their borrowers are relatively high. A reasonable guess is simply that the bank’s popularity attracts more applications.

In addition to private loans and credit cards, Safesave Bank also provides the opportunity to collect your loans. They redeem all your loans for you, and you get an offer at once. But before they can give you an offer, they first need a credit check. Otherwise, the same conditions apply as for the application for private loans.

You can feel completely secure in applying for both loans and credit cards at Safesave Bank, it is a serious and very stable company, with founders who are knowledgeable in the banking and finance industry.

Interest rates

At Safesave Bank, you can borrow between $ 5000 – 600,000 for 1 – 15 years, and you do not need to provide any security for it. The interest rate is individual from 6.99% – 22.99% and is determined after having done a credit check.

Calculation example

For a loan of $ 65,000 laid out in five years with the example interest rate 13.99% and an effective interest rate of 15.88%, the total amount will be paid $ 91,866, which corresponds to $ 1,531 / month.

Loan period 1-15 years. Max. effective interest rate 29.27%


Safesave Bank is a reliable and stable lender, with many years in the industry. The parent company is the well-known airline Norwegian, and thus becomes an even safer choice for many.

To get your loan application approved you must have turned 23 years, and been a Swedish citizen for 3 years, which is quite high and unique requirements of a lender, but at the same time instills a certain respect towards the company and their security, both for themselves but also seen from the customer’s best.

Although Safesave Bank’s customer service has received some criticism for their long waiting times, we think Nick Adams is very generous to have 24-hour phone times, this is also an example of how they care about their customers and can guide them through decisions. on the application for both loans and credit cards.

Safesave Bank’s website carries a somewhat ambiguous message. Considering how great lenders they are, one can imagine that they had made a little more clear and information rich website. But at first glance, the website does not look ready. This is also something that they have previously received some criticism for and should review their ease of use and structure to maintain their seriousness.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, Safesave Bank is a very secure lender to choose – whether you need a private loan or apply for a credit card.